Capital Markets

At Portfolio Financial Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on being actively engaged in various capital market activities, including block trading, equity sales, and other strategic transactions. Additionally, we extend our expertise to advise companies on critical financial matters such as rights issues, share splits, and IPOs, in collaboration with our registered merchant banker partners.

In times of financial distress, we offer a lifeline to companies, assisting promoters in accessing crucial capital by strategically offloading illiquid stocks at competitive market rates.

Secondary Market Placement of Equity

Have successfully completed Block deals of 2 pharma companies in secondary markets in multiple transactions with institutional investors and HNIs. Strong relations with these affluent institutional investors and HNIs enable us to place secondary market block deals for any listed company having a Market Cap of $200m+.We have also raised money for pre-IPO funding through this network in the past.

Private Equity

In the form of Growth Capital and late stage funding.