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  • Mumbai, Hyderabad

Primary Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Appraise proposals and credit requirements of clients and present them to Management for approvals.
  • Manage pre and post-sanctioning documentation.
  • Prepare CMA reports and financial reports for the Bank.
  • Ensure compliance with organizational and Bank credit policies.
  • Drive recovery and follow-up efforts with customers for dues.
  • Maintain strong relationships with loyal Banks and establish connections with new ones.
  • Update Management regularly on proposal statuses and market trends.
  • Collaborate with bankers to optimize the overall cost of funds and declarations.
  • Stay updated on compliance, process, and market changes and share knowledge with the team.

Secondary Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement strategies to expand relationships with Banks and FIs.
  • Assess client creditworthiness and identify early signs of account issues to reduce delinquency.

What We Offer:

  • An opportunity to excel in a dynamic work environment.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits.
  • The chance to play a pivotal role in credit analysis and risk management.
  • A team that values collaboration and professional growth.

Join us and unlock your potential as a Credit Analyst. Let's shape a successful financial future together!

Multiple Location:

  • Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai – Work from Home

Job Description


  • Drive business growth by developing relationships with corporate clients.
  • Exceed business targets and create connections in exciting cities.
  • Identify and connect with potential clients creatively.
  • Provide valuable market feedback and contribute to an innovative team.

Critical Attributes/Competencies:

  • Experience in the world of corporate finance and banking norms.
  • Embrace challenges with resilience.
  • Communicate effectively with clients.
  • Uphold integrity and confidentiality.

Job/Activity Details:

  • Research and identify promising companies to expand our portfolio.
  • Craft captivating executive summaries for potential clients.
  • Collaborate with talented directors and shape the future of business.
  • Tailor solutions to clients' unique needs and secure funding with top banks.
  • Proactively set up meetings and forge innovative connections.
  • Explore daily opportunities by proactively managing email correspondence and engaging with clients.

What We Offer:

  • A stimulating work environment with opportunities for growth.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits.
  • A team that thrives on innovation and values professional growth.

Join us to shape the future of our business together!

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